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Take a moment to check out the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats we have for sale at Cade's Lil' Farm. Be sure to visit our page frequently for new additions. If you have questions, please feel free to call us at (618) 303-1938.



Due Date/Price

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Sales Policy

We reserve the right to turn down ANY sale if it is in best interest of the animal.

No animal is considered reserved for purchase until the money has been received (either deposit or full payment).

We can hold the buyer's reserved animal on our farm until the buyer is ready upon an agreement in the form of texting, emailing, or calling.

Once the decision has been made for purchasing a goat from us, we require a $50 deposit, through PayPal, check or cash in order to hold the animal until the buyer's convenience.

All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you do decide to take another animal instead the originally reserved one, it can be transferred to another animal of choice on the for sale page. Either way, the deposit is not refundable.

We allow a 10 day period for us to receive the money of the animal's reservation. If the money is not received in this 10 day time frame, or we have not heard a reason for delay, the buyer will be contacted by us to see if they still want their reservation. If we do not hear anything back in 48 hours or the buyer backs out of the sale, the goat is once again considered available for sale.

At the time the buyer reserves the goat, arrangements must be made for pickup of the animal at our convenience as well as the buyer's. If those plans fall through, other plans must be made for pickup. It is extremely important that the buyer follows through with these plans.

Any buyer that doesn't pick up animal during the arranged pickup time is denying our Sales Policy. The animal will once again be put up for sale unless the buyer gives us their reasoning for not picking up their animal during our agreed pickup time.

Full payment can be paid prior to pickup (preferred) or at pickup time. It can be paid in either cash (preferred) or check.

If the buyer prefers to have an animal shipped by air to their local airport, we ship using Delta out of St. Louis, MO. Shipping costs roughly $500 and is at the expense of the buyer. We only ship kids, no adult animals will be shipped!

Collage of goats


We try to make pricing as fair as possible. We base it upon the genetics, udder quality, and show wins behind the dam and the buck's genetics. The general prices that we use are listed at the top of the For Sale page.

Kids reserved prior to their birth will pay the price listed on the Breeding Plans. Prices on kids reserved after birth can be adjusted, after we have had a chance to evaluate the animal's conformation.

Discounts will be given when the buyer purchases more than one wether. When a buck and a doe are purchased together, the buck may be sold at half price.


We guarantee that our animal will be thriving and without illness, disease, or disqualifying faults AT THE TIME OF PICKUP. Since we have no control over the environment and the quality of care after the animal leaves our farm, no guarantee of continued health can be given once the animal leaves. No guarantee of success in the show ring or milk pail is offered on a goat bought from us. Once the animal is in the buyer's hand, we want to provide you with as much help as we can. PLEASE contact us if you have ANY questions regarding your new goat you bought from us!

Baby goats


Once our kidding schedule is published, you can contact us and request to reserve a preborn animal out of any specific breeding you like. You can reserve as many animals as you want from as many breedings you want. If it is listed in the notes section of the breeding schedule that we are planning to retain a kid out of a specific breeding, that is considered the first reservation. Any reservation made on a breeding that we are planning on keeping a kid out of, that reservation is second behind us. As the breeder, we reserve the right to keep the kid of choice, and the ones that we don't keep, offer to the buyer highest on the list.

When reserving an animal already born that is listed on the For Sale page, just contact us and let us know you would like to reserve that animal. Once the buyer is for sure going to buy the animal, a $50 deposit is required through cash, check, or PayPal. If interested in reserving an animal on the For Sale page, you can schedule an appointment with us to come to our farm and see that animal in person. Once we have received your $50 deposit, you must make a pick up date. We could meet the buyer halfway if gas money is provided at the buyer's expense, we can deliver to a show we are already attending at no cost, you can schedule an on farm pickup for no cost, transportation can be arranged, or we can have the animal air-shipped. It is the buyer's choice.

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