Cade's Lil' Farm
16835 Old Frankfort Road Johnston City, Illinois 62951
(618) 889-6496
Cade's Lil Farm KMD Saffron

Cade's Lil Farm KMD Saffron 2*M

SS: Rosasharn SH Celtic Ballad +*B

SIRE: Rosasharn CB Katmandoo *B

SD: Rosasharn's TL Kit-Kat 5*M EEEE 91

DS: Fall Creek BD Harrison

DAM: Fall Creek GH Cicely 1*M

DS: MCH Fall Creek Cinnamon *D

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Saffron udder

Saffron is a beautiful animal who is strong in general appearance and dairy strength. She moves about with excellent uphill body stature and has a beautiful front end assembly.

Her mammary system is well attached with strong medial suspensory ligament and correct teat placement.

ADGA Show Wins

Reserve Senior Champion - Judge Will Keech, 2020

Senior Champion - Judge Joe Pilotte, 2020

ADGA Linear Appraisal

2019: 1-05 +VV+ 82

2021: 3-04 VVEV 87