Cade's Lil Farm KMD Vanish

SS: Rosasharn SH Celtic Ballad +*B VEE 90

SIRE: Rosasharn CB Katmandoo *B

SD: Rosasharn TL Kit-Kat 5*D, 5*M EEEE 91

DS: PGCH Farm Oldesouth ZV Bandit *S *B

DAM: SGCH Cade's Lil Farm BD Magic 1*M VEEE 91

DD: Flanary Keepsake Ella

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Cade's Lil Farm KMD Vanish is one of our best up and coming does. She has already achieved an outstanding feat just as a yearling milker that most goats don't achieve in their lifetime. She has won her class at the national show 2 different times! In 2017, Vanish placed 1st in her senior kid class at the ADGA National Show in Madison, WI. Then again in 2018 at the National Show in Columbus, OH, Vanish floated to the top, placing 1st yet again in her yearling milker class of 45 does. Vanish is built just like her dam, Magic, being extremely correct in all areas of the scorecard. She is a doe to watch out for at future national shows!

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ADGA Show Wins

  • 1st Place Senior Kid: ADGA National Show 2017 Madison, WI - judge Ed Cavanagh
  • 1st Place Yearling Milker: ADGA National Show 2018 Columbus, OH - judge Joan Dean Rowe
  • 2nd Place Yrlng Milker Udder: ADGA National Show 2018 Columbus, OH - judge Joan Dean Rowe

ADGA Linear Appraisal

2018 1-05: V+++ 84

2021: 4-04 EEEE 90