Cade's Lil Farm SE LaughyTaffy

Cade's Lil Farm SE LaughyTaffy (SALE PENDING)

SD: Old Mountain Farm March on DC VEVE 88

SIRE: CH Old Mountain Farm StagSurprise

SS: SG Old Mountain Farm Stag ++B VEE 88

DS: Olson Acres LVN Dylan *S *B

DAM: Cade's Lil Farm DY Chuckles

DD: Gypsy Moon DHW Giggle Moon

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Cade’s Lil Farm SE LaughyTaffy

Cade's Lil Farm SE LaughyTaffy is one of our favorite up and coming young does. As a yearling first freshener, LaughyTaffy was undefeated in every single class she walked in to, and even walked away with a reserve champion win.

As a kid, LaughyTaffy walked away from her first show ever as junior champion and BEST JUNIOR DOE IN SHOW.

She is a doe that is incredibly strong in general appearance and has a very correct mammary system that is well attached with a strong medial suspensory ligament.

LaughyTaffy is being offered FOR SALE. Email or call 618-889-6496 if you are interested!

ADGA Show Wins

Junior Champion, Judge Joe Pilotte, 2018

BEST JUNIOR DOE IN SHOW - Judge Joe Pilotte, 2018

Reserve Senior Champion - Judge Joe Kimmell, 2019

ADGA Linear Appraisal