GCH Cade's Lil Farm BD Revlon 1*M

  • SS: NC PromisedLand S Zyvox *S +*B
  • SIRE: PGCH Farm Oldesouth ZV Bandit *S *B
  • SD: Oldesouth Galloway 2*M AR, *D AR EEEE 91
  • DS: CMA Ice Prince
  • DAM: CMA IP Maybelline
  • DD: Windhorst Farms Sugar

Revlon is an absolutely beautiful doe who has an extremely correct mammary system. She's strong in general appearance, being level across the topline with an outstanding front end assembly. In the mammary system, she is strongly attached with a correct medial suspensory ligament and teats that are placed properly on the udder floor.

Revlon scored a respectable VV+V 86 in her 2018 ADGA linear appraisal as a first freshener. In 2019, she finished her ADGA championship by going Grand Champion 3 different times! She has quickly proven herself as one of our top does.

ADGA Linear Appraisal

2018: 2-04 VV+V 86

2019: 3-04 VVVE 90

ADGA Show Wins

Senior Grand Champion - Jay Rudolph, Sedalia, MO, 2019

Senior Grand Champion - Joe Kimmel, Sedalia, MO, 2019

Senior Grand Champion - Cameron Jodlowski, Cayuga, IN 2019

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