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Since 2011, Cade's Lil' Farm has been breeding champion Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. Located in the heart of southern Illinois in a little town called Johnston City, we're proud to call our goat farm one of the best around. Here, you'll find an immense selection of supreme does and sires along with a promising group of junior does. Headed by 20 year old Cade, he and his family are committed to raising goats that are a cut above the rest participating in goat shows both locally and nationwide. 

We sell goats to viable buyers and fellow goat enthusiasts along with raw goat milk! Please take a moment to explore our website to learn more about our goats and what we do. For questions, don't hesitate to give us a call today. If you are interested in goats, call (618) 889-6496. If you are interested in raw goat milk, call (618) 303-1938

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All of our goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA). We are an ADGA PLUS HERD and participate in the ADGA linear appraisal program and Dairy Herd Improvement 305 Day Milk Testing. We also attend many ADGA sanctioned dairy goat shows per year, including the national show. At Cade's Lil' Farm, we enjoy engaging in efforts to improve this remarkable breed; learning as much as we can and implementing the best practices in raising our Nigerian Dairy goats. These efforts are paying off, as in 2021, SGCH Cade’s Lil Farm BD Meggie 2*M EEEE 92 was named ADGA NATIONAL NIGERIAN DWARF BEST UDDER OF BREED

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Did You Know?

The Nigerian Dwarf goat is a unique animal with origins rooting back to west Africa. And just as their name implies, Nigerian Dwarf goats are classified as miniature dairy goats. Small in size, these versatile DAIRY goats are known for their high butterfat production and will to milk.

Hardy and robust, Nigerian goats can be bred year-round and typically produce large litters. But one of the most notable features of these goats is their savory, nutrient-enriched milk! Ideal for drinking, this delicious goat milk can be utilized to make cheese, soaps, lotions and more!

raw goat milk

Raw Goat Milk

Cade's Lil' Farm was the FIRST farm in the entire state of Illinois to obtain certification to sell raw goat milk for human consumption. We can also give you a few tips on how to make your own delicious varieties of cheese, soaps, ice cream, lotion and more!

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About Us

Founded by Cade when he was just 8 years old in 2011, he and his family run a goat farm in Johnston City, IL where they raise champion Nigerian Dairy goats unlike any you'll see anywhere else! Click the link below to read our about story. 

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For questions, don't hesitate to give us a call today.

If you are interested in our goats, call (618) 889-6496

If you are interested in our raw goat milk, call (618) 303-1938