GCH Cade's Lil Farm BD Do-Si-Do 3*M

SS: NC PromisedLand S Zyvox *S +*B

SIRE: PGCH Farm Oldesouth ZV Bandit *S *B

SD: Oldesouth Galloway 2*M AR, *D AR EEEE 91

DS: Kae Bar Te CAD Coupe VEE 89

DAM: GCH Little Tots Estate Nuttrbutter 2*M

DD: Little Tots Estate Hesperis 1*M

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Cade's Lil Farm BD Do-Si-Do is an exceptional doe who is one to watch out for. Her mammary system is hard to fault, with correct height and width of the escutcheon, proper attachments, a very well defined medial, and perfect teat placement and balance. She is extremely dairy and open with levelness across the topline and smoothness of blending throughout that makes her very strong in general appearance. She is definitely one of my best does!

ADGA Show Wins:

  • Senior Champion - Sedalia, MO 2018 (Greg Murphy)
  • Reserve Sr. Champion - Sedalia, MO 2018 (Jane Robinett)
  • Senior Champion - Du Quoin, IL 2019 (Jackson Noble)
  • Senior Champion - Du Quoin, IL 2019 (Jackson Noble)

Pictured to the right is Do-Si-Do's first freshening udder on a 12 hour fill

ADGA Linear Appraisal:

  • 2018: 2-04 VVVV 87
  • 2019: 3-04 +VEV 86
  • 2021: 5-03 VVEE 90

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