Cade's Lil Farm AL Mystic May

Cade's Lil Farm AL Mystic May

SS: Phoenix Farm DE Pop Rocks +*B

SIRE: Cade's Lil Farm PR Aladdin *B

SD: SGCH Old Mountain Farm SleepNBeauty 3*M VEEE 91

DS: Cade's Lil Farm BD Axel

DAM: GCH Cade's Lil Farm AX Hocus Pocus VVVE 89

DD: GCH Cade's Lil Farm KMD Vanish 2*M EEEE 90

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Mystic May 2F

Mystic May 2F

I love the dairy strength on this beautiful three year old, second freshener. She has tremendous openness of ribbing and a long, lean neck. Her mammary system is well attached, productive, and correct. She comes from a long line of Cade’s Lil Farm finished champions - so we hope she is next! I can’t wait to see how she continues to develop this year.