Breeding Plans

Take a moment to check out the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats we have for sale at Cade's Lil' Farm. Be sure to visit our page frequently for new additions. If you have questions, please feel free to call or text us at (618) 889-6496.

Below is a list of our tentative 2021/2022 breeding plans. All are subject to change. Contact us today if you're interested in being put on a waiting list for a 2022 Cade's Lil' Farm kid!

(Please note that we are not keeping a waiting list for kids out of Faith, Magic, or Meggie)

SG Sugar Moon RB Faith 3*M Cade's Lil Farm BD Axel Private Treaty
SGCH Cade's Lil Farm Magic 2*M VEEE 91
Amethyst Acres Belle-Fiorello *B Private Treaty
SGCH Cade's Lil Farm BD Meggie 2*M EEEE 92
Amethyst Acres Belle-Fiorello *B Private Treaty

GCH Olson Acres WBR Glamour 3*M VEEE 90
Cade's Lil Farm BD Axel $1200
SGCH Cade's Lil Farm BD Revlon 1*M EEEE 91 Cade's Lil Farm WL Kavanaugh *B
Amethyst Acres Belle-Fiorello *B (kids will be DNA’d)
GCH Cade's Lil Farm BD Do-Si-Do 3*M VVEE 90 Cade's Lil Farm AX Leroy $1000
SGCH Old Mountain Farm SleepNBeauty 3*M VEEE 91 Cade's Lil Farm BD Axel None available
GCH Cade's Lil Farm KMD Vanish 3*M EEEE 90 Cade's Lil Farm BD Axel $1200
Cade's Lil Farm AX Cuddles 1*M VEEE 91 Amethyst Acres Belle-Fiorello *B $1000
SG Cade's Lil Farm PR Lulu 5*M Cade's Lil Farm BD Axel None available
Cade's Lil Farm SE Faline 1*M VEEV 88 Amethyst Acres Belle-Fiorello *B $900
The CO London 2*M VVVE 88 Cade's Lil Farn PR Aladdin *B $800
GCH Cade's Lil Farm AX Hocus Pocus 4*M VVVE 89 Cade's Lil Farm WL Kavanaugh *B
Cade's Lil Farm SEMascaraxcuse Cade's Lil Farm AX Leroy $750
Cade's Lil Farm KMD Spellbound 2*M VEEV 88 Cade's Lil Farm AX Leroy $800
Cade's Lil Farm KMD Saffron 2*M VVEV 87 Cade's Lil Farm AX Leroy $800
Cade's Lil Farm PR Jasmine 4*M Cade's Lil Farm BD Axel $750
Cade's Lil Farm AX Skittles VVEV 89 Amethyst Acres Belle-Fiorello *B $800
Cade's Lil Farm KMD Cookie-Doe VVVV 88 Amethyst Acres Belle-Fiorello *B $700
Cade's Lil Farm SE Glory Amethyst Acres Belle-Fiorello *B $750
Cade's Lil Farm AL Eye Shadow VVVV 86 Cade's Lil Farm AX Leroy $750
Cade's Lil Farm KH Ruth Amethyst Acres Belle-Fiorello *B $700
Cade's Lil Farm AX Ruby Amethyst Acres Belle-Fiorello *B $650
Cade's Lil Farm SE Honeydew Cade's Lil Farm BD Axel None available
Cade's Lil Farm SY Quarantina Amethyst Acres Belle-Fiorello *B $600
Cade's Lil Farm AL Patriot Cade's Lil Farm BD Axel $600
Cade's Lil Farm AL Arlington Cade's Lil Farm BD Axel $600
Cade's Lil Farm KH Tiana Cade's Lil Farm AX Leroy $600
Cade's Lil Farm AX Salem Amethyst Acres Belle-Fiorello *B $600

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Sales Policy

We reserve the right to turn down ANY sale.

No animal is considered reserved for purchase until the money has been received (either deposit or full payment).

We can hold the buyer's reserved animal on our farm until the buyer is ready upon an agreement in the form of texting, emailing, or calling.

Once the decision has been made for purchasing a goat from us, we require a $100 deposit, through PayPal, check or cash in order to hold the animal until transportation arrangements can be made.

All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you do decide to take another animal instead the one you originally reserved, it can be transferred to another animal of choice on the for sale page. Either way, the deposit is not refundable.

We allow a 10 day period for us to receive the money of the animal's reservation. If the money is not received in this 10 day time frame, or we have not heard a reason for delay, the buyer will be contacted by us to see if they still want their reservation. If we do not hear anything back in 48 hours or the buyer backs out of the sale, the goat is once again considered available for sale.

At the time the buyer reserves the goat, arrangements must be made for pickup of the animal at our convenience as well as the buyer's. If those plans fall through, other plans must be made for pickup. It is extremely important that the buyer follows through with these plans.

Any buyer that doesn't pick up animal during the arranged pickup time is denying our Sales Policy. The animal will once again be put up for sale unless the buyer gives us their reasoning for not picking up their animal during our agreed pickup time.

Full payment can be paid prior to pickup or at pickup time. It can be paid in either cash, PayPal, or check. If you choose to pay with a check, that payment must be made at least two weeks prior to your picking the animal up.

If you purchase an animal from Cade’s Lil’ Farm, we always reserve first right of refusal if you sell that animal in the future. It is improper etiquette to sell an animal without first contacting their breeder.

If the buyer prefers to have an animal shipped by air to their local airport, we ship using Delta out of St. Louis, MO. Shipping costs roughly $500 and is at the expense of the buyer. We only ship kids, no adult animals will be shipped!

In addition to air shipping, we also have several ground transport options available. Contact us and we can likely point you toward a reliable ground transporter.

Collage of goats


We try to make pricing as fair as possible. We base our pricing upon the genetics, udder quality, and show wins behind the dam and the sire's genetics.

Kids reserved prior to their birth will pay the price listed on the Breeding Schedule. Prices are always firm and non-negotiable unless otherwise mentioned.


We guarantee that our animal will be thriving and without illness, disease, disqualifying faults, or reproductive defects AT THE TIME OF PICKUP.

Since we have no control over the environment and the quality of care the animal will receive after the leaving our farm, no guarantee of continued health can be given once the animal has left our care.

No guarantee of the animal's continued success of any kind can be given: whether that is in the show ring, linear appraisal, or milk production.

Even though we cannot guarantee the animal's future success or health, we want to assist you in any way possible in making your goat-owning experience enjoyable and worth while.

We not only encourage, but we EMBRACE questions from our buyers even years after they have purchased the goat. When you purchase a goat from us, you will receive lifelong breeder support.

Whatever questions you may have about your new goat, REACH OUT! We will likely have the answers and if not, we'll find someone who does.

When we started into breeding dairy goats, we had no mentor. Because of that, we had to learn some things the hard way. We want to serve as your mentor so that you can have the best possible goat-owning experience.

Baby goats

Waiting List

Once our kidding schedule is published, you can contact us and request to reserve a preborn animal out of any specific breeding you like. You can reserve as many animals as you want from as many breedings you want. I do not keep a long multi-year waiting list. If you did not get the kid you wanted after kidding season is done, your reservation will not carry over to the next year. You will have to reach out again and express interest in still being on the list for the following year.

We have a no-risk reservation policy. By placing your name on the waiting list for a kid out of a specific doe, you are not marrying yourself to buying that kid when it is born. All you have done is expressed an interest in possibly buying the kid. When that kid comes available, I will reach out to you and you can tell me at the time whether or not you want to buy it. If you decide at the time not to take the kid, that is no problem whatsoever and I will not hold that against you in buying future kids. If you do want the kid, a $100 deposit will be required to hold the animal until weaning or transportation is arranged.

When reserving an animal already born that is listed on the For Sale page, just contact us and let us know you would like to reserve that animal. Once the buyer is for sure going to buy the animal, a $100 deposit is required through cash, check, or PayPal. Once we have received your $100 deposit, you must make a pick up date. We can deliver to a show we are already attending at no cost, you can schedule an on farm pickup for no cost, transportation can be arranged, or we can have the animal air-shipped. It is the buyer's choice as long as it is also at our convenience.

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