Raw Goat Milk For Sale!

Cade's Lil Farm was the first farm in the state of Illinois to obtain certification through the Illinois Department of Public Health to sell Raw Goat Milk for human consumption.

We sell goat milk for $8 a gallon, please contact us if you would be interested in buying milk from us! We encourage you to sample our milk before you buy.

I get the question, "Why goat milk?" often. It's simple - it tastes good AND it's healthy! Being completely unpasteurized, our milk retains all of its natural benefits and health advantages.

We often have customers purchase our milk for the sole purpose of improving their health condition. I've had cancer survivors, severe diabetics, arthritis patients, and people with lactose intolerance who drink Cade's Lil' Farm goat milk and say that their symptoms have dramatically improved!

We've also found that raw goat milk is just what a lactose intolerant and colicing baby needs. If you've tried several different types of baby formula with no success, it's time to make a trip to Cade's Lil' Farm.

People often come to me leary of trying raw goat milk from Cade's Lil' Farm because they've tasted store bought goat milk before and were not impressed. They are often concerned that there will be a "goaty" or "tangy" taste to the milk.

I can personally guarantee you that goat milk from Cade's Lil' Farm will be drastically different and better tasting than any store bought goat or cow's milk you have tasted before.

Store bought goat milk has likely traveled hundreds of miles before it reaches your store. It will have lost all taste and freshness by that time. If you have ever tried goat milk from a store and you are hesitant to try it again, I strongly recommend trying raw goat milk fresh from the farm, because Cade's Lil' Farm's milk will be far better!

We take great strides to ensure that the quality of our milk is superior to all the rest. With stringent sanitary protocols in place, our milk is clean and will be fresh when you pick it up.

The milk is produced by a healthy herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats, a breed known the high butterfat and protein content found in their milk. They are raised on open pastures where they can eat a healthy diet of browse and forage in addition to high quality orchardgrass and alfalfa hay and a pelleted feed mixed specifically for the needs of dairy goats.

Take a look at the following article to see all the many health benefits of goat milk! https://draxe.com/nutrition/goat-milk/

Call or text Travis today at 618-303-1938 if you are interested in our milk. You can set up an appointment to sample some goat milk and see how the Cade's Lil' Farm goats are raised before deciding to purchase some of our delicious milk!

Once you try Cade's Lil' Farm raw goat milk, you can never go back!

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