GCH Olson Acres WBR Glamour 2*M

GCH Olson Acres WBR Glamour 2*M

SS: SGCH Buttin'Heads Palimony ++*B EEE 90

SIRE: Wood Bridge Farm November Rain

SD: CH Bombahook Acres HSRD Demi Plie VEEE 91

DS: CH Rosasharn UMT Pippin *B VEV 86

DAM: GCH/MCH/PGCH Wood Bridge Farm Too Fancy 1*M *D VEEE 90

DD: CH Wood Bridge Farm Well Honeybun EEVE 90

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Olson Acres WBR Glamour

Glamour is a beautiful doe who exudes dairy strength and general appearance. She walks with beautiful levelness across the topline and smoothness of blending throughout. In the mammary system, it doesn't get much better!

Glamour comes from phenomenal and consistent genetics that show through. In 2018, Glamour was Best Senior Doe in Show under Don Bergenfield in Evansville, IN. In 2019, Glamour finally finished her ADGA championship by winning Grand Champion Senior Doe at the Illinois State Fair under Ed Cavanagh. We are so blessed to have this spectacular animal in our breeding program!

In addition to being an exceptionally dairy animal who excels in general appearance, Glamour is the best showmanship goat I could have ever asked for! She and I have won showmanship classes all across the country. In 2022, she helped me to accomplish my lifelong goal of winning senior showmanship at the ADGA National Show! She and I placed 1st in a class of 55 of the best dairy goat showmen that this country has to offer.

ADGA Show Wins

Reserve Jr. Champion - Judge Jennifer Lohman-Petersen 2015
Reserve Jr. Champion - Judge Ed Jodlowski 2015
Reserve Jr. Champion - Judge Greg Murphy 2015
Reserve Sr. Champion - Judge Aaron Carter 2018
Senior Champion - Judge Don Bergfield 2018
BEST SENIOR DOE IN SHOW - Judge Don Bergfield 2018
Senior Champion - Judge Jay Bennett 2018
Reserve Senior Champion - Judge Joe Kimmel 2019
Reserve Senior Champion - Judge Don Bergfield 2019
Senior Champion - Ed Cavanagh 2019

Linear Appraisal

2018: 4-01 VEVV 88

2019: 5-01 VEEE 90